Our traditional spa is all about the flowers, herbs and spices used in Swahili beauty treatments. While you sip lemongrass tea in our taarab music room, we prepare your traditional treatment in front of you.. Our scrubs and specialty treatments are combined with a massage containing therapeutic, firming and relaxation elements. Our Zanzibari team at Mrembo is trained by professional therapists from Canada and Brazil. Most treatments will take an hour and end with a scrub, after which you will shower. This is done since we do not want to disturb you in the middle of the treatment.

Our Signature Treatments:
Singo – Traditional Massage & Body Scrub
When a Swahili girl marries, she uses this scrub daily for a period of two weeks prior to her marriage.. Fresh Jasmine, Sandalwood, Sweet basil, Mpatchori, Geranium, Clove, YlangYlang and rose flowers blended with rosewater to a paste. (45 minutes of aromatherapy massage followed by 15 minutes of Singo Scrub.)
Pemba Clove Massage & Body Scrub
This traditional clove scrub “kidonge” originates from Pemba, is made of cloves after oil distilling and is famous for its invigorating effect (45 minutes of aromatherapy massage followed by 15 minutes of clove Scrub)
Hot “Mbarika” leaf Traditional massage
The leaves of the Mbarika plant (Castor seed) are soaked in hot water and used in a Swahili massage for 15 minutes, followed by aromatherapy massage to relief body aches, exhaustion, post natal fatigue and sport injuries (15 minutes followed by 45 minutes of aromatherapy massage)
Singo Traditional Scrub
Zanzibari ladies use this scrub traditionally weeks before their big day, leaving their skin soft and fragrant. A ceremony at home exclusively for women makes this scrub even more special. We give you a glimpse of the Singo where fresh flowers, sandalwood, herbs & cloves are blended with rose water in a “Kinu” – or traditional blender. The scrub is massaged into the skin so as to remove dead skin cells and relax the body. The result is clean, fragrant skin that feels smooth and soft to the touch.
Sandalwood                                Mpatchori                                     
Rose Petals                                  Mpompia
Jasmine Flowers                      Mrehani
Cloves                                          Vilua
Ylang Ylang Flowers               Rose Water

Duration: 1 Hour    
Pemba Kidonge – Clove Scrub
This treatment originates from Pemba and will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. Originally this treatment was specially for men to boost with new energy. The warming effect of cloves, along with their antiseptic qualities, will invigorate you from the outside, You will be massaged for 45 minutes and than be packed with the clove Kidonge.
Duration: 1 Hour
Matemwe Sand Scrub
The sand of Matemwe is famous for its fine structure and ideal exfoliating qualities. The sand is mixed with fresh aloe vera gel, cardamom and coconut oil then rubbed over the body to rejuvenate and soften the skin. Combined with aromatic massage.
Duration: 1 Hour

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